Getting your print to stand out from the crowd can be difficult. However, there are certain finishing applications that can be applied to your printing that will enhance either your business card, flyers or folders. Spot UV is a gloss varnish that is applied to the print after it has passed through the printing press. With some more advanced printers, the spot UV can be applied at the same time. It is applied before the print is trimmed so you can also bleed the spot UV to the edge of the page.

Spot UV does have its limitations; it can only be applied to heavier stocks so you can’t apply it to a batch of flyers on leaflets printed on a 170gsm paper. You can only apply it to thicker boards starting at about 250gsm. It also has a minimum thickness that you can use it at – normally down to 1mm.  And, because it is a varnish it is susceptible to cracking along folds. Therefore, when you’re designing the position of the spot UV, where the fold is to be applied, leave a space of between 1-1.5mm either side of the fold where you break the area of spot UV. If you’re intending to use spot UV on a folder or a folded thick flyer, we recommend asking the advice of a professional graphic designer or printer as they will be able to advise you in the best way possible to avoid any cracking.

The effects you can create with spot UV can be stunning and enhance the quality of your brand. The two main ways where spot UV is used to maximise its effects are:

  1. Use the spot uv as a stand alone design element.
    Against a dark background the spot uv is extremely visible and stands out. Maybe create a section of your logo in spot uv or create a material pattern to give your print a textured feel.
    Against a white back ground you can create a subtle effect exudes quality and attention to detail.
  2. Use spot uv to enhance design elements.
    You can use spot uv over the top of images and or text. Don’t forget spot uv is a gloss varnish, so against a Matt laminated print, the gloss shines through. Therefore when applied over the top of images or text, the gloss effect will reflect the light more making the images and text come alive.
    Caution should be applied if you are trying to cover thin text because a 1mm movement in the spot uv process will put the spot uv just to the side of your text, instead of over the top. Ask a professional designer/printer for advice.
    Spot uv is available on the following products on our website:
    Business cards

However, we can also supply spot UV on thick flyers/showcards, postcards, thick folded leaflets and booklets. Unfortunately, these are not available through our website but will be in the near future.

If you have any queries about your print, spot UV or would like a quotation for printing, please contact us.